Protect Your Finances with Property Inspections from a Qualified Building Inspector

Don’t be left wondering. Making an appointment with Approved Building Inspection could potentially save you thousands of dollars in both the short and long-term. Having a better understanding of the state of a structure could mean an easier, less stressful time for you and other stakeholders.

Whether you’re buying, selling or handing over the property at the end of a tenancy, involving us in the process ensures a faster, smoother transition. Approved Building Inspection’s services are available in all major Australian metropolitan areas, including Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Pre purchase and pre auction house inspections helping you make the smartest decision

You can only learn so much at an open house, and even if you’re a veteran property investor there are going to be aspects of the house you’ll either be unable to see or will simply overlook. That’s why it’s a good financial decision to have the professionals with you for your property inspections.

Knowing what to look for, we’ll help you save money pre purchase, revealing defects that laypeople and less experienced building inspectors would overlook. Leaping before you look, so to speak, could end up costing you thousands of dollars. Without pre purchase building inspections, many home-owners would not have discovered in-wall dampness or rotting floorboards until they’d moved in. By knowing before they go, buyers are better prepared to negotiate a more favourable asking price. If they’re planning on leasing the property it out, that seal of approval by an accredited building inspector will prove valuable when tenants come to inspect.

Additionally, having house inspections performed before any open auction – regardless of the fact that you may not win – is a big help. Knowing that there’s a leaky ceiling in the master bedroom or a faulty hot water cylinder can keep you from over-bidding. Even though you may be in love with the property itself, you should ask yourself if it’s worth it spending the price of a modest renovation to have it working as advertised. Pre purchase inspections can help you negotiate a cheaper price, or convince you to find a more suitable property.

Property inspections for every size and style of home and business

Approved Building Inspection proudly offers business, office and house inspections across Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane. Our company’s nationwide service area ensures that everyone – regardless of what they’re in the market – has a deeper knowledge about their property.

The best financial decisions come from rigorous research and more than a bit of prudence. Get the information you need to make the intelligent choice for you and your family or business. See our range of services below and make a booking today. For as little as $320, get to know the property you’re selling or buying and potentially save thousands.

Make the right decision for your situation

Get in touch with Approved Building Inspection today and make an enquiry. Call our office today on 1300 701 213 to learn more about how we can help you. Rates will depend on property size, construction, age, access limitations, and the structure’s general condition. Contact us to acquire a quote.