Pre Sale Inspection

Get the Best Price for Your Home with Our Property Inspections

You’re relying on the proceeds from your old home to help offset the costs of your new one. Don’t gamble when it comes to ensuring you’re in the best financial position possible to assume a new mortgage. Approve Building Inspection has been helping homeowners across the country get more for their properties for more than two decades with our pre sale house inspections.

Avoid the nasty surprise of discovering dampness or structural issues during a negotiation. Finding out you have termites or rising damp before concluding a sale weakens your position, and can lead to a dramatically reduced sale price, or even your buyer walking away. Give yourself every chance of success – whether you’re selling in Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney or Melbourne – with the help of our building inspectors.

Pre sale and pre purchase building inspections helping you succeed in the property market

When you’re buying or selling, knowing more about the property more often than not means a better outcome for you. Learning early on that your family home has dampness or ventilation issues gives you time to address the problems before auction day, meaning a better price for you and more money down on your next place.

Our pre purchase property inspections have helped thousands of people across the country learn exactly what they’re buying. Now our building inspectors offer our pre sale service to anyone hoping to compete in this bustling market. Stand out from the crowd with our pre sale and pre purchase building inspections.

Spend a little to gain a lot with house inspections from Approved Building Inspection

We go beyond the standard pre purchase inspections and provide a range of tailored services for people hoping to accomplish any sort of goal in the real estate market. Before handovers, auctions, sales or anything, let our building inspectors give you the inside scoop on how the property is really doing.

Contact our offices in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane to get the Approved Building Inspection team in your area. Send us a message at or call our hotline on 1300 701 213 to speak to us directly.


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