Pre Purchased Inspections

Our Pre Purchase Inspections Give You Peace of Mind

An essential part of the home buying process. Getting Approved Building Inspection’s building inspectors into any home you’re considering buying is an absolute must for anyone in the housing market. Our pre purchase property inspections take a deep, thorough look at the condition of the structure, telling you exactly what you’re buying.

Completely independent, our building inspectors’ only job is to ensure the safety of anyone using the property. We’re not partnered with any vendors or builders, so you know you’re getting the unvarnished truth in your report, rather than a sales pitch. Do the smart thing anytime you’re negotiating and make a booking for house inspections with us. With locations in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide, we’re helping more Australians get the assistance they need before they commit.

Know the place inside and out with our pre purchase house inspections

We leave no stone unturned. Our building inspections cover all structures from top to bottom and all the way out to the boundary line. From the roof’s exterior down to the sub floor, we scour the property looking for evidence of water damage, pest infestation, structural damage and obstructions in or damage to any utilities.

Outside of the property our building inspectors ensure that your fencing is in good working order and that there is adequate drainage across the property, preventing rising damp in the main walls,among other things.

Discover how simple it could all be with pest, termite and property inspections

With more than two decades of experience supporting home-buyers across the country, ours is a name you can trust to deliver reliable, actionable and unbiased advice each and every time. No purchase is complete with a visit from Approved Building Inspection’s expert team, so make an appointment today.

Contact us in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide to make a booking for one of our pre-purchase inspections today. Call us on 1300 701 213 to speak directly to one of our team or email us with any questions at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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