Pre handover inspections

Protect Yourself with Our Pre Handover Property Inspections

It’s finally done. The home you and your family have been dreaming of for years is nearing completion, and you can’t wait to take the keys. Before you do, make sure everything’s in top condition with pre handover house inspections from the team at Approved Building Inspection.

All too often we see people dismayed to find out that the contractors they’ve put their faith in have cut corners or done a poor quality job, leaving you to pick up an enormous bill. If you’ve spent half a million dollars building your home, you don’t want to spend another 10 or 20 per cent of the cost fixing problems that never should have happened.

That’s where our pre handover building inspections are a great help. We’re unbiased and unaffiliated with any construction company, so our building inspectors are able to give you the unvarnished truth on the standard of job your workmen have really done. Wherever your dream home is being built, we’re there. With offices in Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth, we’re the team Australia can count on.

Save time, stress and money with our pre handover and pre purchase house inspections

It’s not expensive to get the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about your finacnes. Whether you’re buying an existing home or building your own, our pre handover and pre purchase building inspections can save you tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Our pre handover property inspections tell you everything you need to know about the place you’re soon to be calling ‘home’. We’ll look for shoddy craftsmanship, poor quality electrical and plumbing work, and any damage caused to the structure in the course of construction. Armed with one of our handover reports, it’s easier than ever to have these problems addressed quickly, properly and – above all – for free by the contractor.

Contact a team of skilled, licensed building inspectors today and know your home better

Book one of our pre handover or pre purchase inspections today for your property. With offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide or Brisbane, we’re helping more Australians make the informed choice about their real estate. Call our national hotline on 1300 701 213 or email us at with your questions


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