Pre Auction Inspections

Let A Qualified Building Inspector Save You Time Pre Auction

We know how it feels to get swept up in the excitement of finding that perfect place. However, it can be extremely hard to back out of a sale after you’ve won an auction if you find anything seriously wrong with the property. Save yourself the stress and cost of remedying basic issues while completing the sale of your new home and know before you buy with Approved Building Inspection.

Our pre auction building inspections save you the heartbreak of finding out that that gorgeous little three-bedroom home you snapped up for below market value was actually too good to be true. They say forewarned is forearmed, so get all the warning you need across Australia in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Adelaide from our experienced building inspectors.

Better know a place with our pre auction and pre purchase property inspections

Get the help you need even at the shortest notice. With as little as two days before auction, we can ensure that one of our pre purchase inspections is complete and you’re furnished with a complete and thorough report on the state of the structure and the grounds.

Our pre auction and pre purchase house inspections give you the best in both speed and diligence, providing you with an in-depth look at your potential home without all the real estate glitz and glamour. Book one of our building inspections and know everything from top to bottom before you buy.

Make a booking for one of our a pre purchase, handover or auction house inspections today

With locations in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, it’s easier than ever to get the support you need, wherever you’re bidding. Make the smart decision and choose to work with a team with more than two decades of experience in providing building inspections across the country – Approved Building Inspection.

Book one of our pre handover or pre purchase property inspections today and learn what you’re really getting. Call our hotline on 1300 701 213 or send us a message via email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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