Pest and termite inspections

No More Uninvited Guests with Pest and Termite Property Inspections

A serious hazard to not only your home’s resale value but also your health and safety. Termites and other wood borers can wreak havoc on all parts of a property, so it’s important to stay on top of not only current but also potential infestations. Approved Building Inspection’s house inspections keep you appraised of the overall health of you home.

We go beyond just pointing out where termites live and help you proof your home against future infestations. Our building inspections make you aware of circumstances conducive to termites, helping you protect against them into the future. Ensure every home across our service area of Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney is protected with a visit from our building inspectors.

Pre purchase house inspections keep your new place vermin-free

Don’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a piece of suburban paradise only to get a half-eaten termite nest instead. Our pre purchase building inspections are the perfect way to ensure that you’re getting the home you dreamed of, and not the place of your nightmares.

During our property inspections, we closely examine the exterior and interior of the structure, as well as any sub-floor and roof void spaces for any sign of dampness, poor ventilation or any other conditions that would encourage an infestation. Know that when you get a report from our building inspectors, it’s the definitive look at the state of your home.

An experienced building inspector who knows what to look for

Working with a professional means you can expect a higher quality of service. At Approved Building Inspection, we strive to provide the most in-depth and detailed pre purchase property inspections and pest inspections on the market. All conducted by fully licensed and qualified building inspectors, each of our services includes a thorough report outlining exactly what’s wrong and how to address it.

Whether you’re in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane, we want to be your preferred company for all pre handover and pre purchase inspections. Contact us via email at or over the phone on 1300 701 213 and make your appointment today.

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