Approved building Inspection offer a great range of service

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Pre Purchased Inspections

Our Pre Purchase Inspections Give You Peace of Mind

Pest and termite inspections

No More Uninvited Guests with Pest and Termite Property Inspections

Combined Building and Pests

Know Every Inch with Our Combined Pest and Building Inspections

Pre Auction Inspections

Let A Qualified Building Inspector Save You Time Pre Auction

Pre Sale Inspection

Get the Best Price for Your Home with Our Property Inspections

Pre handover inspections

Protect Yourself with Our Pre Handover Property Inspections

Know More About Your Property with Thorough House Inspections


Whether you’re buying, selling, leasing, bidding or building, make sure the building is in the best condition possible. Approved Building Inspection offers a range of services designed to help you get down to brass tacks, giving you a close look at the condition of your current or potential property.

From ensuring the safety and security of the structure to protecting people through thorough termite and asbestos house inspections, we can do it all. Our building inspectors work across the country in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide and we pride ourselves on giving you the unvarnished truth. Make the smart decision for your health and finances with Approved Building Inspection.

Take possession with confidence with our pre purchase building inspections

It’s easy to make a property look a lot safer and more attractive than it actually is. Often a little plasterwork and a coat of paint can nearly completely cover serious structural issues. If you’re in the market for a new home for investment or occupation, make sure you do it properly with our pre purchase inspections.

We’ll produce a detailed report outlining the extent of any defects discovered in the home, with suggestions for remedies. Our property inspections will give you an idea of the true cost of purchasing the home: would you buy a $350,000 home if you had to spend another $25,000 ensuring it was safe and inhabitable?

For as little as a few hundred dollars and with the permission of the current owner, we will put any home you have your eye on under the microscope. Our pre purchase building inspections help you get past the real estate marketing and reveal the true condition of what’s on the market.

Stay safe and healthy with pest and asbestos property inspections


If you’re looking at buying a home constructed in the 1980s or earlier, there’s a high chance that asbestos was used as a fire retardant in the construction process. Protect your family from serious respiratory illness and know before you begin any renovation work with our building inspections.

Also available for businesses, this service offers you the certainty of knowing if there is any hazardous material in the structure. Just as detrimental to the financial value of the home, termites and other pests need to be identified and controlled quickly. Make sure you’re not harbouring any wanted guests with our thorough property inspections. We’ll make sure you’re clean from top to bottom.

This service is useful not just for people buying existing homes, but also individuals building or renovating a property. As your project approaches completion, ensure you have one of our building inspectors on site to highlight any cut-corners or shoddy workmanship. Know before you collect the keys if you could be up for thousands more in costs to complete any unfinished work. Save time, stress and money with our pre-handover house inspections.

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