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It’s more than just homeowners who can benefit from knowing more about their property. Our building inspection services are beneficial to anyone who wants to understand the state and requirements of one of their most valuable assets.

Whether you’re an owner or a care-taker, ensure that you’re armed with the facts by investing in our property inspection services. Make an appointment with Approved Building Inspection and get to know your property better. Our service area covers most major metropolitan area across the country, so whether you’re in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth or Sydney, we have you covered with fully-qualified, competitively-priced services.

The value of property inspections for business owners

Making an appointment for a thorough building inspection is a smart decision for more than just people looking to sell the family home. Business owners can be made aware of any potential OH&S issues before they result in a lawsuit. Ensuring that you know where loose boards or potential weakness in the structure are, or discovering that the original part of the building used asbestos as a fire retardant is a responsible decision that protects the health of your clients and employees.

Having a commercial property inspection can also save you money in the long-term, giving you time to plan and stagger any works that have to be done to ensure the safety and security of your workers. Not only will you be out of pocket a much larger amount in the event of some catastrophic failure in the building, your income stream will also suffer, meaning less capital to pay for more intensive repairs. Know about a problem before it becomes one with our commercial building inspections.

Helping property managers succeed with diligent building inspections

If you’re a property manager or a representative of a body corporate, having the seal of approval of a professional building inspector can be a great asset when trying to convince tenants or potential buyers that they’re making a good investment. Increase the value of your managed property and potential buyers confidence with a pre purchase or rental house inspection.

Especially for property managers, when a long-term tenant vacates it can be useful to have a deep, thorough look into the condition of the property. Oftentimes rental properties aren’t scrutinised until there’s a change in tenant, so take the opportunity while you have it and make your property more saleable with our professional business and house inspections.

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Making an appointment with our building inspectors could be one of the most financially prudent decisions you make this year. Gain a better understanding of your most valuable asset and limit the potential for expensive and sudden failures with our help.

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