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When you’re closing in on the home or business premises of your dreams and the clock is ticking on the sale, it can be tempting to cut corners to save time. Don’t. Investing the money and time in getting proper pre purchase house inspections for any property you’re considering buying or selling always pays dividends.

At Approved Building Inspection, we know what the feeling of finding what you believe to be the perfect location feels like, and how strongly the urge to just race ahead can be. That’s why we offer you fast, prompt and reliable service across Australia’s major metropolitan areas. We offer short- notice property inspections, because we understand the window for a pre sell, pre handover or pre purchase property inspection can often be very small.

Whether you’re in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney or Adelaide, you’ll always have access to the help of a cost-effective property inspections company that moves at your pace.

Our property inspections are always conducted in your best interest

As a fully independent organisation, you can rest assured that when we conduct our house inspections we’re only acting for you. Any advice we give and any information we provide is offered because we believe it’s important for you to know ahead of the transaction. No ulterior motives, no other concerns; our goal is always to help you better understand your property.

Contact our offices today to make an appointment, get a quote, or simply to learn more about our company and our range of services. Call Approved Building Inspection on 1300 701 213 to get professional advice across Australia. Whether you’re buying, selling or building in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney or Perth, we can help.

A fully-qualified house inspections company providing decades of reliable service


Approved Building Inspection understands that when you’re part of such a valuable transaction, you want advice you can rely on. The New South Wales Fair Trading division recommends your chosen company have at least two years of relevant industry experience. Our team of building inspectors have more than ten times that, all having more than two decades of experience.

Our building inspections are conducted by highly skilled individuals. In their long careers, they’ve gained an in-depth understanding for what specific problems commonly plague properties of certain ages in different parts of the country. Those years of service allow us to get the job done faster and more thoroughly than a less-experienced competitor.

In addition to our construction industry white card, we are an Unlimited Category Licensed Builder, meaning we carry the highest level of qualifications in the industry and are one of the most knowledgeable in the field. In addition, we’re qualified carpenters and certified pest and asbestos inspectors, and we carry poroffesional indemnity and public liability insurance

Every inspection and report we produce is thorough and of the highest standard, fully compliant with Australian Standards 4349.1 and 4339.3. We know the margin for error is small on house inspections, so we employ only the best. Our building inspectors have a keen eye for detail and a dedication to getting it right the first time.