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It’s your most valuable investment; know that it’s in the best shape possible. Since the early 1990s, Approved Building Inspection has been helping people across Australia get a better understanding of the condition of their home, business or office.

Pre Purchased Inspections

Our Pre Purchase Inspections Give You Peace of Mind

Pest and termite inspections

No More Uninvited Guests with Pest and Termite Property Inspections

Combined Building and Pests

Know Every Inch with Our Combined Pest and Building Inspections

Pre Auction Inspections

Let A Qualified Building Inspector Save You Time Pre Auction

Pre Sale Inspection

Get the Best Price for Your Home with Our Property Inspections

Pre handover inspections

Protect Yourself with Our Pre Handover Property Inspections

Our building inspections take a thorough look at the interior and exterior of all structures on the property as well as the condition of the surrounding site. We’ll quickly highlight any major defects, meaning you can get them resolved and buy, sell, or handover your property.

Perfect for home-buyers, business-owners, property managers and renovators, this service gives you – above everything else – peace of mind that you’re making the right choice. Not just for those looking to find a new home, existing home-owners and managers of rental properties can benefit from our services. Whether you’re a landlord wanting to ensure the property is safe after the departure of a long-term tenant or a home-owner who wants to make sure they’re not suffering from water damage, speak to Approved Building Inspection.

The best decisions come from careful, diligent research and a lot of information – let our professional building inspectors do the hard work so you can be better informed sooner.

Operating across Australia, we have an in-depth understanding of each locality’s market and the unique issues plaguing each area. In seaside areas, we’ll know to look for dampness and damage from salt air, and in humid areas we’ll find every last pocket of mould or mildew. Whether you’re in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide or Brisbane, we’re the company for you.

Cost-effective, professionally-conducted property inspections

Our building inspections give you a real understanding of the condition of your current or potential home. We’ll help detect any defect in the home’s interior or exterior, as well as surrounding out-buildings and the site itself.

A respected team of building inspectors

With more than a quarter of a century of experience and an Unlimited Category Building License, you know you’re getting one of the best companies in Australia for your house inspections.

Spend hundreds on our building inspections, save thousands on settlement

Our pre purchase inspections start at $400, and can give you the knowledge to avoid a potentially dangerous or financially ruinous home, keeping you from sinking tens of thousands into necessary renovations. Equally, they can lead to a lower asking price.

Our range of pest and property inspections

Approved Building Inspection has a range of services available to our clients. Provided across our nationwide service network, all of these are available in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth.

Pre purchase and pre handover inspections

Know what you’re getting into with our property inspections. Take the keys with confidence after a sale or renovation with our expert assistance. Before you commit to anything, get us in on for a pre purchase inspection.

Pest inspections including termites

Keep your home free of unwanted guests with our termite inspections. Our building inspectors don’t just look for existing infestations, but also places where infestations could begin. Practice smart preventative care for your home with us.

Asbestos inspections for homes built 25+ years ago

Was your home or office built before 1990? Asbestos may have been used in the construction process. Our building inspectors will find any used in the structure and can recommend qualified, local removalists.

Save money with our combined house inspections

Want to give your property the complete check-up? Our competitively-priced combined house inspections mean two of our professional technicians will visit your home, checking for pests and structural fault simultaneously.

Get in touch today

Working across Australia, Approved Building Inspection is a truly nationwide business. Contact us for property inspections in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide and anywhere in between. Whether you’re looking to make a smart move pre purchase on a new home or simply want to make sure that that last big storm didn’t cause any enduring damage, we encourage you to get in touch with us.

Call us today on 1300 701 213 to arrange an appointment, get a quote or simply learn more about our services or our company. Spend a little to gain a lot with Approved Building Inspection.

Approved were extremely thorough, which is exactly what we were after. We had our report back within 24 hrs. I recommend anyone going through the stress of buying a home to contact Approved pre-building inspection.

Shanaka Melbourne

After searching on Google trying to find a suitable building inspector, honest and reliable, we were so glad we found Daniel at Approved. Extremely friendly and efficient

Nick Mornington

We had previously bought our first home, where we didn’t engage with a building inspector. One of the biggest regrets of our lives, as the costs we endured after the purchase sky rocketed. With our investment property we choose Approved, where we were able to make a solid decision to move forward with the purchase

Chris Elsternwick

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